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My Message to Radwan Sayyed

This is a post from my other blog but I also want to post it here.

وسأل السيّد كيف يريد الارمني الذي لا يملك شيئا في ارمينيا، الثلث في بيروت؟ وأشار الى انه لم يعد يفهم شيئا، ولا يظن ان “حزب الله” يريد ان يتحول الى حام للأقليات العرقية والديني

Ya Mr. Radwan Sayyed…
Armenians were in Lebanon before the creation of independent Lebanon. They have the Lebanese ID and have the right to vote just like any other Lebanese. They have the right to choose their representatives. How can you ignore the voice of more than 80,000 Armenians in Beirut?

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