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Another Racist [ Anti-Armenian ]

For the opinion parts I don’t have any problem. Let him say whatever he wants.

There are parts that he’s talking about our right to vote.. let him know that we’re Lebanese too.

But what made me shocked is this part:
Person A: Bashir ken bado yeshilon.. ken bado ye7ro2 Bourj Hamoud kello
Person B: ya reyto 3amla

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Lebanese Parliamentary Elections 2009 – Northern Matn

ballot_elections_smaller Today in Al-Balad newspaper there was a news about the Lebanese Parliamentary Elections news and secrets.

The first news was about the Armenian candidate in Northern Matn in the Kataeb list. According to the newspape’s sources, Kataeb’s list will not have any Armenian candidate which means there will not be any opponent against the Tashnag candidate.

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