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Karnig Sarkissian in Lebanon

A commemoration event dedicated to the 1921 February revolt for its 89th anniversary is organized by Hrayr Maroukhian committee. During this event, Karnig Sarkissian will have his participation.

Details about the event:
Date: Friday, February 12, 2010
Time: 8:00pm
Location: Aghpalian Homenetmen closed stadium (Mezher)

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Alla Levonian & Nersik Ispirian

118_amyag_nersik1 With the organization of Voice of Van radio station, Alla Levonian and Nersik Ispirian will be performing in Emile Lahoud Convention Center in Dbayeh.

The event will take place on Monday December 8, 2008 at 8:00 PM.

You can get the tickets from Hamazkayin, GEKA, Obelix, Aghpalian and from the cashier at the night of the event.

ARF’s 118th Anniversary [Reminder]

This is just a reminder of my previous post about the anniversary.

Here is the sms sent by Tashang party as a reminder about the event:

Polors masnagtsink Hay Heghapokhagan Tashnagtsoutyan 118 Amyagi donagadaroutyan, Ourpat 28 Noyemer,Michel Murr Marzagan Hamalir, Jdeideh, yeregoyan jame 8-in.

Messages Sent by ARF Group on Facebook

I will be posting the messaged sent by the ARF group on facebook. To check the group, click here!

First message:

118 dariner arach hime tervetsav Hay Heghapokhagan Tashnagtsoutian yev ays gousagtsoutioune 1890en sgsial minchev aysor mnats nouyn jampoun vera ,Hay Joghovourtin tadere bashdbanogh jeshmarid oughiyin vera, dvav ir lavakouyne, zohets ir zavagnere i shah Hay Tadi i shah Hay Joghovourtin i shah Hay Kaghoutneroun ashkhari 4 goghme our vor Hay ga hon Yeghav Tashnagtsoutioun der ganknelou Hayoutian.

Hedevapar ngadi arnelov te Hay Heghapokhagan Tashnagtsoutian 118 amyagi donagadaroutioune deghi bidi ounena Noyemper 28in Lipanani barakayin,aysorveneh sgsial minchev donagadaroutian ore tsez bidi pokhantsenk gark me vgayoutiounner ou mdazoumner Hay Heghapokhagan Tashnagtsoutian masin, housalov vor ays mdadzoumnere tser havadke ge veranoroken yev gamrabenten ayn gousagtsoutian hanteb vor dznadz e tsezme sireli joghovourt yev bidi kordze tsezi hamar.
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