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Alla Levonian & Nersik Ispirian

118_amyag_nersik1 With the organization of Voice of Van radio station, Alla Levonian and Nersik Ispirian will be performing in Emile Lahoud Convention Center in Dbayeh.

The event will take place on Monday December 8, 2008 at 8:00 PM.

You can get the tickets from Hamazkayin, GEKA, Obelix, Aghpalian and from the cashier at the night of the event.


The Story Behind the Scandal About Karnig

I received the following email exactly 20 days ago but didn’t have time to check my email to know about it.

Here is the story by Narine Ohanian…

pari or tser polorin sireli ,entertsoghner`
sireliner yes narine ayvazian ohanian, ouzetsi ays dogherov tsezi pokhantsel narine ayvaziani <dounen heranalou >badmoutyan im goghmes e maili michotsav ,kani ourish voyeve michots chigar patsadrelou im, sirelinerous engernerous yev anshoushd <chesiroghnerous>masnavorapar.

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McCain first presidential candidate in past 20 years opposing genocide recognition

The Atlantic Monthly focused in its latest edition on the Armenian vote in the upcoming elections in an article entitled “McCain’s Armenia Problem.”

The article says, in part,

“ John McCain is the first presidential candidate in the past two decades who is on the record as opposing genocide recognition without already being a member of the incumbent Administration…

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Email Sent By L.Y.A. (or L.E.M.)

As a continuation of my old thread about Lisbon 5, here is the email sent by the Leabnese Youth Association which is an announcement about Lisbon 5 and the event that will be taking place today.

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