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Gathering for the Lebanese Elections

endragan-logo The Central and big gathering of Armenians will take place next Thursday June 4th at Zavarian Football stadium in Bourdj Hammoud (close to the Bourj Hamoud municipality stadium).

There will be guest singers from USA and other places like Tata Simonian.

For all Armenians : This is an opportunity not to be missed as it will be the biggest Armenian gathering in the history of Lebanese History.

For all non-Armenians: This is an experience not to be missed


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Another Racist [ Anti-Armenian ]

For the opinion parts I don’t have any problem. Let him say whatever he wants.

There are parts that he’s talking about our right to vote.. let him know that we’re Lebanese too.

But what made me shocked is this part:
Person A: Bashir ken bado yeshilon.. ken bado ye7ro2 Bourj Hamoud kello
Person B: ya reyto 3amla

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Riyadi Thugs Hitting Homenetmen Players (girls)

A game of Basketball (girls) between Sporting Beirut and Homentmen Antelias was taking place on Sporting’s court in Manara, Hariri’s morons were there (sporting fans) and were chanting and cursing Aoun and Armenia all the time, Homentmen fans didn’t reply, so the moron’s began cursing Tashnag, Homentmen fans replied with anti Hariri chants and Hariri’s morons suddenly entered the court and began beating the Homentmen players (girls)!

2 of the girls reached the hospital.

As usual, there was no police or security forces (they never show up in Manara, so Sporting fans can do whatever they want).

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Lebanese Parliamentary Elections

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Also visit the website Lipananahay

and what the following videos:

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