Google Maps & Armenia

Today @Anto_TheJeweler tweeted that when you search the term “Where am I?” on Google Maps on iPhone, it will show Armenia.

I also tested it and here are the screen shots:

and the result:

I also did one more test to make sure if it’s from the iPhone or Google maps. I searched the same term on google maps web version and ended up google suggesting me if I meant Armenia:

My iPhone’s country is not Armenia so there’s no reason for it to show Armenia and the same applies to the web version.

Anyone knows why is this happening?

update: Just came to my mind that this could be because the internet TLD of Armenia is “AM” and when you search “Where AM I?”, google is understanding it as “Where is Armenia?”

For example try “Where lb I?” where LB is the short for Lebanon.

Here is the results:


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