Karnig Sarkissian in Lebanon

A commemoration event dedicated to the 1921 February revolt for its 89th anniversary is organized by Hrayr Maroukhian committee. During this event, Karnig Sarkissian will have his participation.

Details about the event:
Date: Friday, February 12, 2010
Time: 8:00pm
Location: Aghpalian Homenetmen closed stadium (Mezher)

Tickets can be bought from:
– Hamazkayin Library (Shaghzoyan center)
– Discotheque Geka
– Disco Young
– Photo Varouj (Zalka)
– Obelix Library (Antelias)
– Aghpalian Cafeteria

Price: 5000 L.L.

Facebook event

Gazmagerboutyamp <Hrayr Maroukhian> GomidePedrevarian Absdampoutyan Aritov 89rt Amyagi AritovHeghapokhagan yerkerou ParadonYelouyt gounena

Karnig Sarkissian .. Masnagtsoutyamp Halebi Araz nvakakhoumpin

Ourpat 12 pedervar 2010in yeregoyan jame 8in .. Aghpalian Homenetmen Marzamshagoutayin hamaliri pag marzatashdin mech.

Domsere ge vajarvin :
-Hamazkayini krakhanout – Shaghzoyan getron
-Discotheque Geka
-Disco Young
-Photo Varouj Zalka
-Obelix krakhanout Antilias
-Aghpalian Homenetmen marzamshagoutayin hamaliri Cafeteria

Garadoune abahovadz e :
-Simitian Shenkeren

Sag : 5000 L.L.

Sponsored by : Aghasarkissian Hasdadoutyoun.


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