MSNBC Armenian Genocide Survey

armenian-genocide5MSNBC is doing a survey whether the Armenian Genocide should be recognized or not. As of a few minutes ago the numbers showed Yes 23 % , No 76 % .
The Turks have mobilized a global campaign to shift results towards “No” but we can’t let them. The Armenian Genocide is a historical fact, along with other many other crimes against humanity on behalf of the Turks, and it should be recognized. Please vote ‘ YES ‘ at the below link and send it to everyone you know.

Vote: Armenian Genocide Survey

A letter, written in 1915, from from U.S. ambassador in Turkey.

A campaign of race extermination

The Armenian Genocide

Massacred Armenian children

The Armenian Genocide

Armenian children massacred by the Turks

The Armenian Genocide

The Armenian Genocide

A woman and her children massacred

A woman and her children massacred


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30 responses to “MSNBC Armenian Genocide Survey”

  1. Proodian says :

    A picture is worth a thousand words. I still get sick every time I see them. If the Germans admitted their crimes against innocent Jews, why can’t the Turks admit their part in the ARmenian genocide and just lay the matter to rest. Until they do, we, as Armenians are still tortured. And as a first born American, I pray that at least my country, the USA, will formally recognize the Armenian Genocide. .

  2. Sue Mrosk says :


  3. vartan uzatmaciyan says :

    Armenian genocide has been accepted by former us presidents, and The United States has all the facts in the archives. As The President Obama has promised, USA. should formally recognise The Armenian Genocide.

  4. Richard Abajian says :

    My late mother was a suvivor of the Amenian massacre by the Turkish military .

  5. ali polat says :

    yes, I’m a kurdish and armenian are my brother… ı know this is a genocide and we don’t let them… 😦

  6. Devin says :

    These pictures are absolutly THE most sad pictures I have ever seen. I cant understand why any human person would feel the need to do something like kill an innocent child just because of the ethnis group they are in. Just thinking about it makes me sick to my stomach.

  7. eddie says :

    i feel sad…iv studied alot of the recent genocides and now just finding out about the armanian genocide makes me feel even more bad…..i hope and pray better days will be upon the survivors.

  8. bernard sarkissian says :

    my father and his father/mother/sister escaped the burning of smyrna in 1922, they were able to bribe their way on board a japanese freighter.. the majority of the other christian minorities (greeks/armenians) were not so fortunate.. turks must begin the healing process but cannot without admission of the act.. i will not forget but, though it’s very hard, feel that love is the only answer

  9. Stephanie says :

    mygreat grandmother escaped this..and i deffidently think this needs to be recognized…because i do not know a single person that knows anything about this horriffic event except for the ones i have educated about….

  10. deanna says :

    OMg i didnt know armenia had a genocide, but if the kurdish genocide has been recognized then why hasnt the armenian genocide been recognizeds after so many years its pathetic.. it should no longer be a political matter but historical at least. As for the turks of course they willl never admit to that horrible crime cause they dont have balls to do so. now i dont want to be rude but many turks out there have this arrogant attitude towards others than there own especially towards kurds and greeks and so on, as if it genetic uno. ???

  11. Maddie says :

    I asked a history teacher back in high school why we don’t study the Armenian genocide. Her response, “Because it’s unimportant.” Being the great granddaughter of survivors, I had to show her my anger towards that statement. And for that, I failed her class. People have to recognize that we still suffer, and people should learn about it in history class, as we learn about the many genocides that took place in WWII.

  12. Shafayet says :


  13. Siranoosh DErsarkissian says :


  14. Lea Pelletier says :

    Are these images copyrighted? If so, may I use one for educational purposes? I would like an answer a.s.a.p. Thanks.

  15. watevvss says :

    this is sad i cant believe that ppl would try to eliminate ppl becuz of their ethincity or race…how sad=[

  16. disgusted says :

    It is disgusting how ANYONE, whether its Germans or Turkish or Japanese can do something so awful and so against every moral that any normal human being would have. They will be judged by God almighty.

  17. josephine says :

    yes, people who are Turkish they’re so heartless, in the Ottoman Empire the sultans killed their brothers and fathers but this is the politica to win the war. i do not know what to say.

    • pepe says :

      look man, don’t take it on the Turks. If you put some thought to it there are more races that have similar things such as the U.S. with the Native Americans, the Germans with the Jews, and the British represing a bunch of other countries.
      So, its ok tu be pistoff at this horrid events, but stereotyping a whole race for what only some have done is an ignorat thought.

      • Sako says :

        When the descendants of that race do not accept the fault of their previous generation, then I think the new generation will be as guilty as the previous one.

      • Chris says :

        we’re talking about a fact of the past, so yes, I do blame it on the Turks

  18. domenica says :

    this is one of the most horrific things ive ever seen. Inocent children and babies dead in piles like they are nothing. Children know nothing but love and understanding when they are little and to think they were judged by where they lived, is disgusting

  19. domenica says :

    and let me add that the man who says dont judge one by others actions, i think that if i saw people being murdered by others i would stand up and do whats right, if you sit by and watch others do wrong you are apart of the problem

  20. Wycito says :

    People the same is happening in africa now in SUDAN where the muslims militia are killing millions and now one says anything, Shame on us all

  21. xmax says :

    Why Is The ADL Involved In The Armenian Genocide Dispute?
    Local ADL Leaders Pressure their Constituents To Write Congress
    “We must stop the Armenian Genocide Resolution”
    Gates And Rice Stormed Out Of Congressional Meetings
    Bush Wanted The Genocide Resolution Dropped
    Why All The Panic?
    The real reason that no one wants to discussed this is because, the Armenian Genocide was the most brutal slaughter in history. In the period from 1917-1939, the Bolsheviks killed a large majority of Russian white Christians, but they did it over many years, and used the cover of famine and world wars, to hide their crimes. Russia was their country, and they controlled the press just like they do now.

  22. Amani says :

    wow this is really sad i kind of wish it wasnt to late to save the ones who died especially the kids COME LIVE IN AMERICA!

  23. stacey says :

    yes it should be recognized
    i mean did you see those photos that evidence
    and if you dont see that as a genocide then i dont know what your thinking!!
    go and agree that that is a genocide big time
    you cant just ignore the fact that this occured to innocent people that have done nothing wrong

  24. Andria says :

    I am of Armenian descent. My mother and grandparents were born there. Although I am still learning about the culture I absolutely 100% think that this genocide should be recognized. My heart feels great sorrow for all those that lost their lives, which I am sure quite a few were my ancestors.

  25. Eddy says :

    what are you trying to do ? look at your history objectively , but not with bloody eyes. Listen to your conscience and be fair. Your reasonless hate only helps to exploitation who aimed to weaken and collapse our Nation , whereas we could grow together with a friendly cooperation. If you will never approach positively , just please give up moiling . We all need peace in our geography.

    • Sako says :

      Eddy, I can ask you the same questions. What are you trying to do?
      My purpose is not to weaken and collapse your Nation unlike what you are doing now to my Nation (illegal blockage).

      The only way to grow together is when your nation admits what has happened in the past. That’s how we can be friendly nations and peace will be reached in the region.

      Convince your government to admit the past and not stay in denial. Everything else will be fine and you’ll be in best relation with your neighbor.

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