French Senate adopts the Genocide denial criminalization bill

Yesterday, the French senate passed the bill criminalizing Genocide denial with 127 senators voting in favor and 86 against.

I wanted to share some interesting links, news and articles I found on the Internet.

French Senate passes Armenian Genocide bill by Yerkir Media

Erdoğan: I may not go to France again if ‘genocide’ bill passes by Hurriyet Daily

Urge your Representative to Cosponsor the Armenian Genocide Resolution (take action!) by the Armenian National Committee of America

Dr. Charny Urges Israel to Recognize Genocide by Asbarez news

Turkey boycotts the French kiss, French fries and French words by Comedy Now (a bit old but works here as well)

Turkish Website Hacked By Armenians by Radio Yan

and here’s a video of the Armenians in France who gathered in front of the senate during the vote. They are singing Zartig Lao.

The lyrics of Zartir Lao:

Խուժան ասկեար զօրք է ժողվեր
Եկեր Մշոյ դաշտն է պատեր.
Սուլթան կ՚ուզէ ջնջել մզի
Զարթիր լաօ, մռնիմ քզի։

Խեղճ մշեցին մեռաւ լալով,
Օտար երկիրներ ման գալով,
Մեռաւ թուրքի հարկը տալով,
Զարթիր լաօ, մռնիմ քզի։

Ինչ անիծեմ թուրք ասկեարին,
Որ սպաննեց ջոջ Աբոյին,
Մեր յոյս թողեց օրօրոցին,
Զարթիր լաօ, մռնիմ քզի։

Khoujan asgyar zork eh joghver
Yegel Msho tshdn eh badel,
Soultan G’ouzeh chnchel mzee,
Zartir lao, mrnim kzi.

Kheghdj mshetsin merav lalov,
Odar yergirner man kalov
Merav tourkin harguh dalov,
Zartir lao, mrnim kzi.

Inch anidzem tourk asgyarin,
Vor esbannets choch Apoyin,
Mer houys toghets ororotsin,
Zartir lao, mrnim kzi


I am Hrant Dink

2005: Imprisonment

Hrant Dink

Hrant Dink was best known for being critical of the Turkish government over issues of Armenian identity and over official versions of history in Turkey relating to the massacres of Armenians in 1915. He was repeatedly targeted for expressing his opinions.

In 2005, he was given a six-month suspended prison sentence for “denigrating Turkishness” in writings about the identity of Turkish citizens of Armenian origin.

January 10, 2007: Death Threats

Hrant Dink was the editor of Turkish-Armenian Agos newspaper

Hrant Dink had been receiving death threats for several months prior to his death. However, no action was taken by the Turkish government to protect Dink. On January 10, 2007; he wrote his last column in the newspaper about the death threats he was receiving.

January 19, 2007: Murder

Hrant Dink's body in front of his office in Istanbul, Turkey

Hrant Dink, a Turkish citizen of Armenian descent, was assassinated outside the offices of the Agos newspaper where he was the editor. According to witnesses, the assassin shouted “I shot the infidel.”

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Google Maps & Armenia

Today @Anto_TheJeweler tweeted that when you search the term “Where am I?” on Google Maps on iPhone, it will show Armenia.

I also tested it and here are the screen shots:

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ABC News Removes Karabakh from its Travel Feature

click to enlarge

3 days ago I noticed that ABC news has mentioned Nagorno-Karabakh as one of the 7 offbeat places to travel. I was so happy that I tweeted about it.

The text on the website was the following:

“If you’re looking for an adventure, this landlocked autonomous region between Armenia and Azerbaijan is the place to go. It’s the kind of place that’s so contested that not only does it not have an embassy, but its “Office of Permanent Representation” in Armenia doesn’t even ask if you want your visa pasted into your passport. They know you don’t, so they just attach it with a paper clip.

Stay at the recently-built Armenia Hotel in the capital, Stepanakert, and use the city as your base to explore the region. Go hiking through snow-topped mountains and fields of yellow and red flowers. Feast on shish kebob and grilled vegetables. If you’re staying with a local, don’t be surprised if you’re offered homemade mulberry vodka with breakfast.

Don’t miss the Gandzasar Monastery, meaning “hilltop treasure,” built in the 10th century. Visit it at night to see it lit up in the darkness”.

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Karnig Sarkissian in Lebanon

A commemoration event dedicated to the 1921 February revolt for its 89th anniversary is organized by Hrayr Maroukhian committee. During this event, Karnig Sarkissian will have his participation.

Details about the event:
Date: Friday, February 12, 2010
Time: 8:00pm
Location: Aghpalian Homenetmen closed stadium (Mezher)

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